We provide custom training for production staff


Unfortunately, we are not offering this service at the moment


Pharma Clean specializes in cleaning in critical environments. For production staff, we can provide an organization's customized training at your site named "Cleaning the Cleanroom".

The training has layup from a cleaning perspective and consists of two passes or blocks:

  1. The morning is theoretical and specializes order to have an understanding of what a clean room is and why we have to clean as we do. Getting staff to understand the importance of the cleaning program that the company has established an important piece to achieve your requirements and objectives for purity. At the change of the cleaning instructions, this is also an opportune moment to inform about new procedures or methods to get with him the staff in the change process.
  2. The afternoon has a more practical approach.We work training on cleaning surfaces such as roofs, wall, cleaning of general surfaces, safety cabinets and flooring. This includes that you get an understanding of how to handle equipment and how the cleaning to be carried out efficiently and ergonomic.

Based on your needs, you can choose to have a lecture addressed to all staff.
If your staff already gone through some form of cleanroom training, and your need job training is the most important thing you can instead choose to have a briefing with job training for two groups of maximum 10 people, one group in the morning and the second group in the afternoon.

For more information on training programs, see the attached file: BIF. documents (PDF, opens in new window).

References and prizes given at RFP.

If there are problems with your cleaning routine, it is best to first conduct a consultation before cleaning training held for staff. Under the tab consultation for information on consulting