Pharma Clean specializes in cleaning in critical environments

We have experience in all types of qualified cleaning that ESD cleaning, Sterile-cleaning, GMP Cleaning, Hygiene-cleaning, disinfecting cleaning and cleaning in Technical-Lab with toxic handling. We ensure the purity of your operations by cleaning with the right methods and techniques. Our staff and management are trained for work in clean rooms and experienced, which means that they can handle both equipment and materials properly and follow the company's instructions.


We have extensive experience of cleaning in rooms with different quality and classification degrees;

  • According to the EU GMP cleanroom from Class D up to Class A.
  • According to ISO standard 14644, from grade 8 till 2nd

We can help you with the following cleaning tasks in clean room classified premises:

  • Cleaning
  • Clean-up
  • Housecleaning
  • Building cleaning - We help you achieve the correct classification of your cleanroom for remodeling or new construction.


We also offer a total solution of your cleaning needs, where we also take care of the exterior areas such as offices.

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