Consultations for evaluation and improvement


Unfortunately, we are not offering this service at the moment


We have the knowledge and experience needed to carry out a consultation of your cleaning when it needs to be evaluated and improved.

Consultation may be needed when:

  • Operations have problems reaching their purity requirements
  • When cleaning procedures need to be revised
  • When your business needs help to develop new cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies or cleaning chemicals.
  • Do you wish that your cleaning will become more efficient, performed faster and easier for those who perform it? We help you make a situation analysis and suggest changes and improvements.
  • Certified instructions are missing and needed such as documentation for procurement of cleaning services. Instructions tailored to your business and its requirements. For more information on cleaning instructions see tab Rengöringsinstruktiner

References and prizes given at RFP.

- The reform of the cleaning procedures, it is good to anchor those of the staff while training them in cleaning technology. During the tab Education for more information.